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Planigrout 300

Planigrout 300

Brand: Mapei

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Three-component fluid epoxy mortar for anchorage work

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Technical Information

Planigrout 300 is a three-component product based on epoxy resin, selected well-graded aggregates and special admixtures, blended according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s own Research Laboratories. After mixing component A of Planigrout 300 with its relative hardener (component B) and filler (component C), a fluid mixture which may be easily poured and applied in layers up to 5 cm is obtained. After preparation, Planigrout 300 hardens in approximately 8 hours at +23°C by means of chemical reticulation without shrinking, and is transformed into a compound with exceptional bonding strength and chemical and mechanical resistance characteristics. After hardening, Planigrout 300 is durable and may be used for both internal and external applications. Planigrout 300 may be applied in a temperature range between +10°C and +35°C.

Where to Use

Planigrout 300 is an epoxy mortar specifically developed for fixing structural elements, structural repairs and structural fillings which are also subject to stress due to dynamic loads.



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