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Planigrout 310

Planigrout 310

Brand: Mapei

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Three-component free-flowing high-strength rapid-hardening epoxy mortar applied in layers up to 10 cm thick for anchoring and grouting structures.

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Technical Information

Planigrout 310 is a three-component mortar made from epoxy resin and selected aggregates in a granulometric curve according to a formula developed in the MAPEI Research Laboratories. The innovative Low Dust technology that characterises this product considerably reduces the amount of dust given off during mixing compared with conventional cementitious-based products, thereby helping to make work easier and safer. After mixing Planigrout 310 component A with its relative catalyser (component B) and fillers (component C), it forms a free-flowing, solvent-free mortar with the capacity to flow into tight areas. The product is applied in layers from 2.5 cm to 10 cm thick. After mixing, Planigrout 310 hardens by means of a chemical curing process and forms a compound characterised by its excellent adhesion and resistance to chemicals, as well as a high level of strength within just a few hours of application. The mortar’s rapid hardening properties allow industrial machinery and equipment to be put into service very quickly and help reduce down times. The main characteristics of hardened Planigrout 310 may be summarised as follows: · impermeable to water and oil; · high resistivity; · resistant to attack from chemicals; · high mechanical performance properties; · resistant to vibrations; · resistant to freeze/thaw cycles; · excellent adhesion to concrete and steel; · rapid polymerisation; · easy to apply thanks to is highly fluid consistency. Planigrout 310 remains workable for around 30 minutes at +23°C and may be applied at temperatures of +10°C to +35°C. The product is slightly more viscous and less fluid at lower temperatures, whereas at higher temperatures the workability time of Planigrout 310 is considerably lower. When applying the product in particularly cold or hot weather it will need to be cooled down or warmed up to around +23°C (in a temperature-controlled container for example) prior to application. If the surrounding temperature and, therefore, the temperature of the substrate are less than +10°C, apart from warming the product as described above, it is necessary to apply the product in confined areas that have been warmed up to PLANIGROUT 310 Three-component free-flowing high-strength rapidhardening epoxy grout applied in layers up to 10 cm thick for anchoring and grouting structures create suitable application conditions. Planigrout 310 meets all the main requirements for EN 1504-9 (“Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures; definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity. General principles for use of products and systems”) and the minimum requirements for EN 1504-6 (“Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar”).



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