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Planitop HDM Restauro

Planitop HDM Restauro

Brand: Mapei

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Available as a 29.75kg package: 25kg bag and 4.75kg drum.

Two-component, pre-blended, high-ductility, fibre-reinforced, cement-free natural hydraulic lime (NHL) and ECO-POZZOLAN-based light-coloured mortar, particularly recommended for “reinforced” structural strengthening of masonry substrates in combination with the MAPEGRID meshes

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Available as a 29.75kg package: 25kg bag and 4.75kg drum.

Maximum dimension of aggregate: 1.5 mm.
Mixing ratio: 1 25 kg comp. A with 1 4.75 kg of comp. B.
Pot life of mix: approximately 1 hour (at +20°C).
Thickness applied: from 3 to 10 mm per layer.
Classification: EN 998-1 - type GP mortar, category CS IV and EN 998-2 - type G mortar, class M15.
Storage: 12 months (comp. A); 24 months (comp. B).
Application: gauging trowel, trowel or rendering machine.
Consumption: approximately 1.9 kg/m² per mm of thickness



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