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Planitop HPC Floor

Planitop HPC Floor

Brand: Mapei

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Available in 25kg bags

Fibre-reinforced, shrinkage-compensated, high-strength, high-ductility, highly-fluid cementitious mortar.

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Available in 25kg bags


Repairing and strengthening of reinforced concrete and horizontal structures where high-performance, free- flowing mortar is required to integrate thick layers or fill complex areas. It is particularly suitable for strengthening the extrados of floor beams. Some application examples ▪ Seismic upgrading of elements subjected to high stresses where high ductility is required. ▪ Structural strengthening by casting a thin layer on the external faces of floor beams in reinforced concrete, brick-cement wood or mixed brick-steel beam. ▪ Repairs to concrete surfaces (industrial floors, roads, airports). ▪ Reconstructing and levelling off the upper parts of pulvinoes and bearing elements of piles for motorway viaducts. ▪ Reinstalling floor beams after removing damaged areas by scarifying.


Planitop HPC Floor is a ready-mixed powdered mortar made from high-strength cement, selected aggregates, special admixtures and stiff steel fibres according to a formula developed in the MAPEI Research & Development laboratories. When Planitop HPC Floor is mixed with water, it forms a fluid mortar suitable for casting into formwork in layers from 1 to 4 cm thick without segregating, and without the need for electro-welded reinforcing mesh. To allow the product’s expansive properties to develop fully and correctly, Planitop HPC Floor must be mixed with water and cured in a damp environment. To allow expansion in the open air, Planitop HPC Floor may also include 0.25% of Mapecure SRA, a special admixture which has the capacity to reduce plastic and hydraulic shrinkage. Mapecure SRA carries out an extremely important role and guarantees better curing of the mortar. When mixed with Planitop HPC Floor it may be considered a highly advanced technological system, in that the admixture has the capacity of stopping the water evaporating too quickly and encourages the development of the hydration reactions. Mapecure SRA acts basically as an internal curing agent and, thanks to its interaction with some of the main components in the cement, reduces final shrinkage by 20% to 50% compared with the same product without the admix, which means there is also a lower risk of cracking. The use of Mapecure SRA may reduce mechanical performance characteristics slightly by 5-6%.



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