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Primer Grip White

Primer Grip White

Brand: Mapei

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Multi-purpose, ready-to-use, synthetic resin-based bonding promoter in water dispersion with silica aggregates and very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC). For internal floors and walls. Bonding promoter for decorative cementitious skimming mortars from the ULTRATOP LOFT range.

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Technical Information:

Primer Grip White is a solvent-free primer made from synthetic resin and silica aggregates in water dispersion with excellent adhesion properties and excellent resistance to water and ageing. Thanks to the silica aggregates contained in Primer Grip White, it also forms a rough keying surface ideal for plasters renders and for the smoothing and levelling compounds from the Ultratop Loft range, thereby ensuring excellent adhesion on smooth and low-absorbency substrates and reducing and evening out water absorption of absorbent surfaces. Once dry the primer guarantees a tough bond for render, plaster compounds on various types of substrate: concrete, lightweight cellular cement blocks, bricks, stone, plasterboard, wood, ceramic, metal, render, gypsum, etc. Primer Grip White is a white, ready-to-use latex product which is easy to apply with a roller or brush. Primer Grip White is non-flammable and has a very low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). This product, therefore, is not considered a health hazard either for those who use the product or for final users of the rooms and areas where it is applied. It may also be stored without taking any particular precautions.

Where To Use:

Multi-purpose ready-to-use primer for internal floors and walls. Primer Grip White is used to improve adhesion of ceramic tile adhesives and decorative cementitious skimming mortars from the Ultratop Loft range on concrete, brickwork, vibro-compressed concrete blocks, lightweight blocks and gypsum blocks and to all types of cementitious, gypsum and lime-based plaster, render and skimming compounds. Primer Grip White is also suitable for improving adhesion of smoothing and levelling compounds and adhesives for ceramic tiles on non-absorbent surfaces such as ceramic, terrazzo tiles and natural stone floors.

Some application examples:

· Application of plasters on concrete, brickwork etc.

· Application of smoothing and levelling compounds on old ceramic, terrazzo tiles and natural stone floors.

· Application of decorative cementitious coatings from the Ultratop Loft range.

· Laying ceramic and natural stone floors directly on top of old ceramic floors.



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