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Primer W-AS N

Primer W-AS N

Brand: Mapei

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Two-component epoxy water-based primer for antistatic conductive and dissipative systems

Available in 16.5kg tubs

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Primer W-AS N is used to form a conductive layer for MAPEI antistatic conductive and dissipative resin flooring systems (Mapefloor I 360 AS and Mapefloor I 390 EDF) so that any static electricity is discharged to earth. Primer W-AS N is used in various sectors of the industry in systems used to provide antistatic conductive and dissipative flooring systems in environments used for the production of medical devices, electronics components and equipment, inflammable or explosive products, hospitals, transport systems, especially in the aeronautics and aerospace sectors. Some application examples

· Electronics industry.

· Pharmaceuticals industry.

· Hospitals and operating theatres.

· Handling and storage of flammable or explosive goods.

· Sterile rooms.


Primer W-AS N is a black, two-component, epoxy water-based resin formulate with special electrically conductive fillers according to a formulation developed in the MAPEI R&D laboratories. Primer W-AS N must only be applied on substrates that have been adequately prepared and primed, and only after connecting the surface of the substrate to be treated to earth with the special strips Copper Band.


· Primer W-AS N must always be used within the application time indicated on the Technical Data Sheet and calculate the time starting from the moment mixing of the two components commences.

· Only apply Primer W-AS N if the temperature of the substrate is at least 3°C higher than the dew-point temperature.

· Do not apply Primer W-AS N on uncured or damp substrates having water content higher than 4% or in presence of rising damp.

· Protect the film of Primer W-AS N from moisture for at least 24 hours after application.

· The consumption of Primer W-AS N must never be higher than 100 g/m², otherwise its adhesion to the substrate and electrical conductivity could be compromised.

· Do not sprinkle the film of Primer W-AS N with quartz sand or any similar aggregate.



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