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Proofex total tape

Proofex total tape

Brand: Fosroc

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High performance, totally gas-resistant,
reinforced membrane.

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Proofex Total is a grey/silver, 5-layer, reinforced, ground gas resistant membrane comprising an aluminium foil layer and a polyester reinforcing grid sandwiched between three layers of polyolefins.


Reinforced gas membrane - designed to protect buildings and their occupants from the effects of methane, radon, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon vapours, when not in direct contact.

Damp-proof membrane - Proofex Total also acts like conventional ground membranes, as a damp-proof membrane to help protect the building against the ingress of moisture from the ground.


  •  5-layer product design for maximum gas protection.
  •  Polyester reinforcing grid for puncture resistance during application.
  •  Loose-laid system for ease of application.
  •  Can be used on ground-bearing concrete floors or on suspended concrete or beam and block floors.
  •  Can be used to form a cavity tray, eradicating the need for a separate product.



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