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Purtop Ha

Purtop Ha

Brand: Mapei

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Manually-applied two-component, polyurea waterproofing membrane.

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Technical Information:

Purtop HA is a two-component, solvent-free, polyurea resin formulate according to a formula developed in the MAPEI R&D laboratories. The product is applied manually, and has a workability time of 20 minutes at +23°C. Apply Purtop HA in layers at least 2 mm thick. Due to its high tensile strength, tear strength and crack-bridging capacity, when reticulation is complete, Purtop HA forms a seamless, waterproof coating which adapts to any shape of substrate without cracking (including in service temperatures lower than -20°C).

Where To Use:

Due to its excellent chemical resistance, high elasticity and high tear strength, Purtop HA is suitable for forming waterproofing membranes on small to medium size terraces and flat roofs, and for repairing surfaces waterproofed with hybrid polyurea and/or pure polyurea membranes. Purtop HA is an integral part of the Purtop range of products made by MAPEI, and so may be used wherever these products are employed on limited surface areas, or to repair surfaces after adequate preparation.


Purtop HA adheres extremely well to various types of substrate if treated with a suitable primer, and once applied forms a strong, elastic seamless membrane. Purtop HA offers the following advantages:

· excellent tensile strength (10 N/mm² according to ISO 37);

· excellent tear strength (40 N/mm according to ISO 34-1);

· high static and dynamic crack-bridging capacity, including at low temperatures (below -20°C);

· elongation capacity of more than 500% (ISO 37);

· excellent resistance to alkalis and diluted acids;

· no reinforcement required; · does not generate overloads on load-bearing structures.



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