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RD- Colortrack

RD- Colortrack

Brand: RD Coatings

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Quick-drying coating for outdoor recreational floors offering excellent grip.

Pack Size: 5kg and 25kg drum

Colours: White, Green and Red Brown

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RD-Colortrack is a fast-drying single-component water-based paint specially formulated to coat cement tiles, concrete-, asphalt- and bitumen-based floors. It is UV and weather resistant and based on acrylic resins that offers excellent flexibility, high mechanical resistance, and high resistance against humidity. Thanks to its special formulation, the film is slightly rough and non-skid providing a good grip when walking or running on it.

RD-Colortrack is water-based, easy to handle, safe and has no fire risks. Virtually odour free, it does not affect neighborhoods during the application.

RD-Colortrack puts in colour various areas like tennis fields, playgrounds, identification zones etc. in sport-, leisure-, and educational compounds, and companies. It’s available in thousands of shades for unlimited creativity and lots of fun. Given its rough finish, we recommend using RD-Colortrack exclusively outdoors, as wind and rain can clean it naturally.

RD-Colortrack is part of the  – Single Coating System - product group, meaning that it is used in the same time as primer and finish coat and is usually applied in two layers.


Concrete, cement, tarmac, asphalt, bitumen-based floors, paving and cobblestones



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