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RD-Edeck Slurry

RD-Edeck Slurry

Brand: RD Coatings

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Single-component waterproof elastomeric coating, ideal for parking decks, walkways, mechanical rooms, stadiums and arenas, Balconies, Plaza and rooftop decks.

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Single-component waterproof elastomeric coating, intended for use as the wear coat for pedestrian and vehicular bearing applications on parking decks, walkways, mechanical rooms, stadiums and arenas, Balconies, Plaza and rooftop decks.


RD-E Deck Slurry is based on a mixture of water-based emulsion with quartz aggregates producing a textured, non-skid and high wear resistant layer for horizontal surfaces subject to traffic that will protect the surface. Thanks to its permanent flexibility and elasticity, RD-E Deck Slurry can absorb impact and abrasion without cracking, and can bridge small cracks in the surface. It can also hide small imperfections on the surface as it can be applied up to approximatively 0,8 mm / 35mils thick in one single coat.

RD-E Deck Slurry can also be used in combination with RD-Elastodeck fully reinforced waterproofing membrane in areas subject to wear and abrasion.

RD-E Deck Slurry is single package and has no pot-life which gives more comfort and time to the applicator to apply it, resulting in a more qualitative work and less waste. The system can bridge cracks and can recreate a smooth and even surface on damaged or light irregular floors. It is a system which is simple to use for both small and large size projects or spot repairs and does not need investment in expensive tools to apply it.

RD-E Deck Slurry is water-based, easy to handle, safe and has no fire risks. It is a fast-drying coating system that greatly reduces downtime during installation. Virtually odor free, it does not affect neighbouring occupants and can therefore be used in occupied buildings.

RD-E Deck Slurry does not necessarily need to be over coated in outdoor applications. However, its rough profile may attract dirt and stains and it is therefore recommended to apply a finish coat of RD-Hydrograff HP or RD-Monofloor PU to help maintain a cleaner surface.


Can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces including concrete, cement, wood panels.


Ambient temperature: minimum 10 C (50?F)  Optimal between 12 and 28C (54 and 82F).
Relative humidity: maximum 90 % with no threat of rain for 12 hours.
The concrete surface may not contain more than 4% relative humidity.


Brush, roller, notch squeegee, or metal trowel.

RD-Edeck Slurry can also be spray-applied using the Graco TexSpray T-max 6912 (large jobs),Tex Spray RTX 5000PI (medium jobs), or Tex Spray Fast Finish (small jobs). Using these kinds of equipment allows greater productivity and a nicer finish.


The surface must be clean, dust-free and dry.
In case of mosses on the surface, remove it with a special anti-moss product.
Repair small cracks using RD-ACRYL W.

Use RD-CEMENT FILLER to perform concrete repairs.


Product is ready-for-use. Stir mechanically for 3 to 5 minutes before use.

DRYING TIME (20C – 68F):

Touch dry: +/- 3-4 hours
+/- 18 hours at 15C 60F
+/- 12 hours at 26C 80F
+/- 4 hours at 35C 90F

Total thickness and ventilation can greatly influence drying time.





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