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Brand: RD Coatings

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A water-based DTM (Direct-To-Metal) anti-corrosion paint that can be used as a primer and finish for the protection of cladding walls and metal sheets.

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RD-Metal- Unicoat; part of our water-based, environmental range of industrial products.

A DTM (Direct-To-Metal) anti-corrosion paint that can be used as a primer and finish for the protection of cladding walls and metal sheets.

One-component solution, easy and quick to apply on most kinds of vertical cladding and available in a wide choice of colours. RD-Metal Unicoat is easy to use on steel located in moderate corrosive environments or inside industrial buildings.


Primer/Finish rust preventive coating for metal sheets and cladding's.


Single component coating for the protection of metallic objects.

RD-Metal Unicoat is an excellent choice for the renovation of metallic objects located in low to moderate corrosive environments and can be applied directly on steel and weathered galvanized steel without having to blast the surface.

RD-Metal Unicoat is water-based, easy to handle, safe and has no fire risks.

It is a fast-drying coating system that greatly reduces downtime during installation.

Virtually odour free, it does not affect neighbouring occupants and can therefore be used in occupied buildings.

RD-Metal Unicoat is UV resistant, has a good resistance against weathering and can therefore be applied as primer and/or as finish. When applied by airless, RD-Metal Unicoat easily covers large flat surfaces with no overlaps and will protect the coated objects neat and tidy for numerous years.? It is therefore is an excellent, fast and easy renovation system for cladding's and coated metal sheets.

RD-Metal Unicoat is part of the SCS Single Coating System – product group.


Iron, steel, weathered galvanized steel (> 1 year)


Ambient temperature: minimum 5C (41F) Optimal between 12 and 25C (54 and 77F).
Relative humidity: maximum 80 %
Surface temperature must be minimum 3C (5F) above dew point.


Brush, roller or airless (nozzle size: 013015)


The substrate must be clean: dry, DE-greased and dust free. Non adhering elements such as older coatings or rust must be removed. Different types of surface preparation are possible:
1/ Remove rust manually or by power tool to ST2 ISO 8501-1/SSPC SP2 or SP3.
2/ Blasting to SA 2– ISO 8501-1/NACE3/SSPC SP6.
3/ High pressure washing following SSPC SP12 WJ4.

Please contact your local New Guard Coatings branch for further information.


Product is ready-for-use. Dilute with maximum 3% water when applying by airless or in warm weather conditions (> 25C / > 77F).

DRYING TIME (20C – 68F):

Touch dry: +/- 2 hours
Re-coat-able: +/- 4 hours




Mix well before use.



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