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Brand: RD Coatings

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A one-of-a-kind product, being water-based and single-component, it is the ideal product for protecting metal surfaces durably against corrosion - and be environmentally considerate.

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Fast drying satin Primer/Finish high performance anti-corrosion varnish with universal adherence.

One-of-a-kind product, being water-based and single-component, it is an ideal product for protecting metal surfaces durably against corrosion while maintaining the visual appearance of raw or weathered steel. RD-Monoguard Clear is a varnish with above average anti-corrosion properties which can also be applied to many previously painted substrates.

1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre.


Fast drying Primer/Finish high performance anti-corrosion varnish with universal adherence.


Single component water-based varnish based on a special blend of innovative resins for the protection of metal surfaces, objects and engineered structures against corrosion and weathering. RD-Monoguard Clear is a DTM (Direct-To-Metal) type of coating that can be applied directly to various type of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Its special formulation and ingredients offer incredible durability when it comes to protecting steel against corrosion, even without prior blasting the surface.

RD-Monoguard Clear is water-based, easy to handle, safe and has no fire risks.
It is a fast-drying coating system that greatly reduces downtime during installation and increases on-site labour productivity.
Virtually odour free, it does not affect neighbouring occupants and can therefore be used in occupied buildings.

RD-Monoguard Clear is UV resistant and its film forms a neat and tidy enamel type of finish. Tested to be used in the most severe environments, RD-Monoguard Clear is particularly interesting to use on surfaces where you would like to keep vintage, rusty, weathered or any other original appearance of the object.

RD-Monoguard Clear is part of the SCS - Single Coating System – product group.


Steel, new and old galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper.


Ambient temperature: minimum 5C (41F) Optimal between 12 and 25C (54 and 77F).
Relative humidity: maximum 80 %
Surface temperature must be minimum 3C (5F) above dew point.


Brush, roller or airless (nozzle size: 010012)
Application by airless is recommended and makes it easier to reach the recommended thicknesses. Use a device that allows a minimum pressure of 70-150 bar / 1000 – 2000 psi at the outlet.


The substrate must be clean: dry, degreased and dust free. Non adhering elements such as older coatings or rust must be removed.

Different type of surface preparation is possible:

1/ Remove rust manually or by power tool to ST2 ISO 8501-1/SSPC SP2 or SP3.
2/ Blasting to SA 2 – ISO 8501-1/NACE3/SSPC SP6.
3/ High pressure washing following SSPC SP12 WJ4.


Product is ready-for-use. Dilute with maximum 3% water when applying by airless or in warm weather conditions (> 25C / > 77F).

DRYING TIME (20C – 68F):

Touch dry: +/- 1 hour depending on thickness
Recoatable: +/- 2 hours depending on film thickness
Possible to apply wet on wet in special conditions.




Mix well before use.

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