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Brand: RD Coatings

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Coating that adheres to surfaces known to be difficult; galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, glass, ceramics, etc.

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Specially developed to adhere to surfaces known to be difficult such as new galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, glass, ceramics, etc. This quick-drying and odourless primer serves as a bond between the surface and the following coats and will guarantee the perfect adhesion of the whole system.


Universal adhesion primer for non-ferrous and smooth surfaces.


Single component water-based primer based on acrylic resins used for the priming of difficult surfaces to ensure a better adhesion of the subsequent coating system.

RD-Multiprim is water-based, easy to handle, safe and has no fire risks.

It is a fast-drying coating system that greatly reduces downtime during installation.

Virtually odor free, it does not affect neighboring occupants and can therefore be used in occupied buildings.

RD-Multiprim offers little resistance against corrosion and it is advised mainly for non-ferrous substrates. Should corrosion resistance be required, RD-Monoguard or RD-Elastometal will be an excellent choice.

RD-Multiprim can be overcoated with no limitation in time by any water-based coating from the RD Coatings range. Even if it is UV resistant, we recommend overcoating it for better resistance to weathering.


Galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel, glass, zinc, hard PVC, polished concrete, ceramics.


Ambient temperature: minimum 5C (41F)
Optimal between 12 and 25C (54 and 77F).
Relative humidity: maximum 80 %
Surface temperature must be minimum 3C (5F) above dew point.
Concrete screed may not contain more than 5% of humidity


Brush, roller or airless (nozzle size: 01115)


RD-Multiprim has an excellent adhesion on many kinds of surfaces and does not need any specific surface preparation other than having a clean and dry surface.

Scratching some difficult type of surfaces with sandpaper type 180 will help to increase the adherence.

In case of new polished concrete floors, the curing compound should be removed first by means of a curing remover (30% solution of hydrogen chloride) or mechanically.

Aluminium: preferably clean with RD-Eco PowerClean detergent diluted with water, use a conventional detergent or sulfuric acid diluted at 10%.

On new galvanized steel: preferably clean with RD-Eco PowerClean detergent diluted with water or use a conventional detergent.

Stainless steel: preferably clean with RD-Eco PowerClean detergent diluted with water or use a conventional detergent.

Copper: clean with hydrochloric acid diluted to 10% and rinse with water.


Product is ready-for-use.

DRYING TIME (20C – 68F):

Touch dry: +/- 1 hour
Recoatable: +/- 4 hours No maximum recoating window.




Mix well before use.



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