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PPG SigmaCover 280

PPG SigmaCover 280

Brand: PPG

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PPG SigmaCover 280 is a universal epoxy anticorrosive primer, based upon pure epoxy technology. 

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PPG SigmaCover 280 is a universal epoxy anticorrosive primer, based upon pure epoxy technology. 

Product Features and Benefits

  • Universal epoxy primer system suitable for Ballast Tanks, Decks, Topside, Superstructure, Hull and Cargo Oil Tanks
  • General-purpose epoxy primer in protective coating systems for steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Good adhesion to steel and galvanised steel
  • Good adhesion to non-ferrous metals
  • Good flow and wetting properties
  • Good water and corrosion resistance
  • Cures at temperatures down to 5°C (41°F)
  • Suitable for touching up of weld seams and damages of epoxy coatings during construction
  • Excellent recoatability
  • Can be overcoated with most alkyd-, chlorinated rubber-, vinyl-, epoxy- and two-component polyurethane coatings
  • Suitable on wet blast cleaned substrates (damp or dry)
  • Compatible with well-designed cathodic protection systems
  • Finish: Eggshell
  • Colours: Yellow/green (Redbrown available on request)


Method of Application

  • Air spray
  • Airless spray
  • Brush/Roller

Apply PPG SigmaCover 280 to the specified thickness as soon as possible after the surface is prepared.

Please refer to the product Data Sheet for surface preparation, mixing and application instructions.



Please contact us for suitable topcoats for PPG SigmaCover 280.



Air Spray / Airless Spray: PPG Thinner 91-92
Volume of Thinner: 0 - 10% depending on required thickness and application conditions.

Brush/Roller: No extra thinner is required.
Volume of Thinner: Up to 5% PPG Thinner 91-92 can be added if desired.




Safety Precautions

  • Refer to the Safety Data Sheet and product label for complete safety and precaution requirements
  • This is a solvent-borne paint and care should be taken to avoid inhalation of spray mist or vapour, as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed skin or eyes

Please refer to the product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheets for full details regarding the safe use of this product.


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