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PPG SigmaRite 88 (Prep 88/DuraPrep)

PPG SigmaRite 88 (Prep 88/DuraPrep)

Brand: PPG

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An easy-to-use alkaline water-based, cleaning product to prepare, clean and degrease floors prior to coating application.

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An easy-to-use alkaline water-based, cleaning product to prepare, clean and degrease floors prior to coating application.

Technical Information

  • Cleans intact painted surfaces.
  • PPG Sigmarite 88 is used to clean metal and concrete surfaces and avoids in many cases abrasive blasting and mechanical cleaning.
  • It is ideal for dry-dock painting, maintenance painting and new construction painting.
  • PPG Sigmarite 88 is a quick working bio-degradable cleaner for removing deposits of oil or grease from metal or previously painted surfaces.
  • When washed off with water Sigmarite 88 leaves a clean surface with no oily film or residue for re-coating.
  • PPG Sigmarite 88 contains no caustics, phosphates and no hazardous chlorinated solvents.


Instructions For Use:

• 1. Shield any surfaces not intended to be treated
• 2. Wear appropriate eye protection and avoid contact with skin
• 3. Pre-clean any heavy residues by power washing
• 4. If steel temperatures exceed 100°F (37°C), pre-cool the steel by water washing to            prevent Prep 88 from drying on the
     surface prematurely. Do not apply under freezing conditions
• 5. Mix Prep 88 with fresh, clean water according to the instructions below:
• LIGHT CLEANING (NO VISIBLE CONTAMINANTS): 3 parts water to 1 part concentrate
• GENERAL CLEANING AND RESOTRING OVERCOATABILITY: 2 parts water to 1 part             concentrate
• 6. Prep 88 can be applied with a low pressure sprayer (garden sprayer, etc.), brush, or roller
• 7. Apply generously to the surface, ensuring all areas are thoroughly wetted. Caution should be used on complex
structures to ensure Prep 88 can be applied to all areas and subsequently rinsed.
• 8. Scrub with a nylon brush as needed for cleaning heavy residues
• 9. Allow Prep 88 to dwell on the surface for the following times based on the surface       temperatures:
• 40°F: 20 - 30 minutes
• 70°F: 10 - 20 minutes
• 90°F: 10 - 15 minutes
• 100°F: 5 - 10 minutes
• Do not allow Prep 88 to dry on the surface. If product does dry on the surface, a               second application of Prep 88 will be required to dissolve the dried residue.
• 10. Power wash the surface to thoroughly rinse all traces of Prep 88 from the surface.       Ensure the surface pH has been neutralized (7.5 maximum). Failing to remove Prep 88     from the surface will be detrimental to the performance of successive coats.
• 11. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly prior to overcoating.
• 12. Protect surfaces from contamination prior to overcoating. Apply coatings within the following timeframe of Prep 88 application:
• 40°F - 50°F: 48 hours
• 51°F - 70°F: 36 hours
• 71°F - 90°F: 32 hours
• >90°F: 24 hours



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