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PPG SigmaZinc 158

PPG SigmaZinc 158

Brand: PPG

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Two component moisture curing inorganic zinc (ethyl) silicate primer (powder).

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Two component moisture curing inorganic zinc (ethyl) silicate primer (powder).

Principal Characteristics

• Certificate for ASTM A-490 class 'B' for slip coefficient
• Complies with the compositional requirements of SSPC-Paint 20, Level 2
• Anticorrosive primer for structural steel
• Suitable as a system primer in various paint systems based on unsaponifiable binders
• Galvanic action eliminates sub-film corrosion
• Can withstand substrate temperatures from –90°C (–130°F) up to 400°C (750°F), under normal atmospheric exposure
• When suitably topcoated provides excellent corrosion protection for steel substrates up to 540°C (1000°F)
• Good low-temperature curing
• Good impact and abrasion resistance
• Must not be exposed to alkaline (more than pH 9) or acidic (less than pH 5.5) liquids

Colour and Gloss Levels

• Gray, greenish gray
• Flat



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