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Brand: Mapei

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Self-levelling, ultra-quick hardening mortar with special hydraulic binders, applied at a thickness between 5 and 40 mm to create abrasion-resistant floors.

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Technical Information:

Ultratop is a self-levelling product in powder available in light grey, white, beige, rust red, anthracite and standard (beige going on light brown) made up of special quick-drying and quick-setting binders, specially graded silica sand, synthetic resins and special admixtures developed in MAPEI’s own Research Laboratories. When mixed with water, Ultratop becomes a self-levelling compound which is easy to apply either by hand or pump in thickness from 5 to 40 mm. After setting, which takes place in only a few hours, Ultratop has a high level of compressive and flexural strength, bonds perfectly to the substrate and thanks to its special composition, dries quickly so that any further finishing coat may be applied after a very short time. Ultratop is classified as CT - C40 - F10 - A9 - A2 -s1 according to EN 13813:2002 Standards. CT refers to a cementitiousbased product, C40 and F10 refer to the compressive strength and flexural strength, respectively, after 28 days, A9 is the Böhme abrasion-resistance coefficient and A2 -s1 is the fire-reaction class. Around 3 days after application, Ultratop may be dry-polished using diamond grinding disks to get a shiny, reflective finish similar to natural stone. Ultratop may also be used to make flooring with a “Terrazzo alla Veneziana” effect, in which the dry grinding process brings out the characteristics of the aggregates (colour, shape and size) to create flooring with an exclusive, original finish which is quick and easy to install.

Where To Use:

Ultratop is used internally in public and industrial buildings, for levelling and smoothing new or existing concrete and ceramic substrates in thickness from 5 to 40 mm, to make them suitable for heavy pedestrian use in shopping centres, offices, shops, showrooms and areas where rubber-wheeled vehicles are in use. Ultratop is suitable for numerous applications in the decorating sector of buildings for civil use, due to its high mechanical strength, resistance to abrasion and its versatility.


  • Natural-look finish
  • Seamless floors with an exposed finish
  • Single system with three types of finish
  • Rapid installation
  • High mechanical characteristics.
  • Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Highly attractive finish



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