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Ultratop Loft F

Ultratop Loft F

Brand: Mapei

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One-component trowellable coarse-textured cementitious paste applied in layers up to 2 mm thick to create decorative floors with a trowelled or mottled effect.

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Technical Information:

Ultratop Loft F is a powdered formulate made from special rapid-setting and hydrating binders, graded silica sand, synthetic resin and special additives according to a formulation developed in the MAPEI R&D laboratories. Once mixed, with water or directly with Ultratop Easycolor pigment, it forms a trowellable paste that is easy to apply by hand with a smooth rubber, Teflon or steel trowel. Also, thanks to the creamy consistency of the product, highly original decorative finishes may be obtained, such as classic trowelled or mottled effects, in a multitude of colour shades. Once hardened Ultratop Loft F has good resistance to abrasion.

Where To Use:

Ultratop Loft F is the ideal coating product to create decorative internal floors and walls with a marked materic effect. Thanks to its ease of use, versatility and resistance to abrasion, this formulate is ideal for creating floors subjected to intense pedestrian traffic in areas such as bars, shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, private homes, cafes, hotels and showrooms, and generally in all areas relating to interior decorating in the civil building sector. The consistency of the product and limited thickness of the coat applied, and the possibility of applying it on vertical surfaces and combining it with a wide range of colours, allows an infinite variety of original and unique coatings to be created.

Typical application examples:

· Creating decorative floors in shops.

· Creating decorative floors in residential surroundings.

· Creating decorative coatings on floors, walls and ceilings with a trowelled effect finish.

· Creating decorative floors and walls in bars, cafes and restaurants.

· Creating decorative floors in wellness centres, hotel receptions and showrooms.

· In all areas in the civil building sector where a smooth or textured trowelled effect coating with a cementitious matrix is required.


· Easy to prepare: may be mixed with water only and, if required, coloured by adding specific pre-dispersed Ultratop Easycolor pigment.

· Easy to apply with a trowel and dries rapidly.

· Versatile: may be used for both new floors and to refurbish existing floors.

· May be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

· Suitable for use in both commercial and residential surroundings.

· Coated surfaces may be put into service quickly.



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