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Ultratop Stucco

Ultratop Stucco

Brand: Mapei

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Grout made from special hydraulic binders for sealing micro-porosity which forms after the first polishing phase of ULTRATOP

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Technical Information:

Ultratop Stucco is a specific powdered product made from special hydraulic binders, according to a formulation developed in the MAPEI R&D laboratories. Ultratop Stucco is used to seal micro-porosity which forms on the surface of hardened Ultratop (around 2 days after application) after the first dry-polishing, treatment called “roughing”, carried out using a polishing machine with a diamond disk. Ultratop Stucco is formulated in the same colours as Ultratop self-levelling mortar (white, light grey, red, beige, anthracite and standard), to match the colour of the mortar. Once Ultratop Stucco has hardened (after approximately 24 hours at around +20°C), the dry-polishing treatment may be continued using the remaining tools until the required effect is obtained.

Where To Use:

Ultratop Stucco is used whenever flooring made from Ultratop requires a perfectly smooth, flat, light-reflecting finish, or a special effect such as “polished” or “terrazzo alla veneziana” as an alternative to the “natural” effect of un-polished selflevelling mortar. Ultratop Stucco is used, therefore, to seal micro-porosity which forms on the surface of hardened Ultratop during drypolishing treatments, immediately after the preliminary “roughing” cycle.

Some application examples:

· Ultratop flooring treated by dry-polishing when creating flooring with a polished finish. · Flooring made from Ultratop and Dynastone Color aggregates to create the “terrazzo alla veneziana” effect.

· Flooring made from Ultratop and natural aggregates (marble, granite, etc.) to create the “terrazzo alla veneziana” effect.



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