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Planitop 217

Planitop 217

Brand: Mapei

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Water-repellent cementitious skimming mortar with a coarse, natural finish for concrete and plastic coatings

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Technical Information:

Planitop 217 is a one-component, water-repellent, normal-hardening, coarse-grained, powdered cementitious skimming mortar available in grey and white, made from special, high-strength binders, selected aggregates, special additives and synthetic polymers according to a formula developed in the MAPEI research laboratories. When Planitop 217 is mixed with just water, its special composition forms highly-adhesive mortar with high plasticity, which makes it easier to spread with a smooth trowel and facilitates finishing operations with a metal or sponge float. Planitop 217 may be applied at a maximum thickness of 3 mm per coat. Apply thicker layers up to a maximum of 6 mm in two coats, and place Mapenet 150 alkaline-resistant glass fibre mesh (in conformity to ETAG 004 guidelines) with a mesh size of 4 x 4.5 mm between the first and second coat. Mapenet 150 must also be used when the surface to be skimmed is made up of different types of material. In good weather, apply coloured finishing products from the Silexcolor, Silancolor, Quarzolite, Elastocolor, Colorite or Dursilite ranges 1 week after applying Planitop 217. The latter product may be used for decorating internal or external surfaces as long as they are partially covered and protected from direct exposure to the sun and rain

Where to Use:

Coarse-grained, natural-finish skim coat on internal and external concrete, cementitious and lime-mortar render, old quartz paint and scratch-effect plastic coatings.

Some application examples: Levelling and finishing masonry and concrete walls, cementitious and lime-cement render before painting. · Smoothing the surface of walls, including walls painted with washable acrylic or quartz-based paint, plastic coating, etc., as long as they are sound, clean and well-bonded. · Skimming plasterboard panels (if gypsum-based skimming mortar has been applied between the panels, treat beforehand with Primer G). · Skimming mineral wood panels (such as Eraclit ).




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